The Vietnamese Rangers were the most elite units of the Army Republic of Vietnam. Since the birth of those units (July 1960) until the end of the war (April 30th 1975), the Rangers had participated in many well known operations, campaigns such as Dong Xoai, Binh Gia, Lam Son 719, etc...The Rangers gathered many victories and earned many medals and recognition from both South Vietnam and the United States governments.  Many Rangers battalions had earned the Presidential Citation Unit awards (the PCU) several times.

        In the early years, the Rangers were formed as separated independent companie, they fought independently, suitable in a guerilla warfare.  They were best known for their aggressiveness and elan attacks, the Viet Cong (VCs) were afraid of and always tried to avoid a confrontation with the governmental soldiers with a snarling black panther painted in front of their helmets.  As the war escalated into conventional warfare, those independent Rangers companies were grouped together to form battalions then groups.  After the TET offensive the Rangers groups had participated in many large scale operations, the Cambodia incursion, Lam Son 719, and during the Easter offensive the Rangers helped in defending the cities of Quang Tri, An Loc, Kontum.  Those Rangers units continued to fight until the last minutes of the South Vietnam in the morning of April 30th 1975 when they were directed to lay down their arms.

        This is a document about the Vietnamese Rangers, their stories were organized and placed in the order according to the times in which the events occured.  The story of the 52nd battalion told the history of a typical Rangers battalion, how it was formed, its activities during the war.  Story of the 62nd battalion showed the fighting of a Border-Rangers camp after it was converted from a Special Forces CIDG camp.  Story of the 58th battalion told how a Rangers battalion was deployed during the NVA’s final offensive.  The “Eternity Ranger” replaces for the conclusion of this document.

        Dallas, TX. 03/11/96

        Hieu Dinh Vu

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